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Welcome address

Tooru Shimosegawa

Tooru Shimosegawa MD,PhD
The 20th meeting of the IAP
Professor and Chairman
Division of Gastroenterology
Tohoku University Graduate School of Medicine
The President of the IAP and the JPS

ー Welcome to Sendai Again in 2016 ー  It is a great honor for me to host the 20th meeting of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) in Sendai, Japan. This IAP meeting will be held in conjunction with the 47th annual meeting of the Japan Pancreas Society (JPS) (hosted by Prof. Shuji Isaji) and the 6th meeting of the Asian- Oceanic Pancreatic Association (AOPA) (hosted by Prof. Masanori Sugiyama) during August 4-8, 2016 at the Sendai International Center. The first week of August is an exciting time for us in Sendai because of a big summer festival called "Sendai Tanabata" or "Sendai Star festival". Thousands of huge, beautiful lantern-like paper-works called "Tanabata- kazari" will welcome you, and the shopping streets decorated with them will be crowded with several tens of thousands of people visiting Sendai to enjoy the gorgeous summer events.

 The first meeting of the IAP was held in Cascais (Estoril), Portugal in September 1984, proposed by Prof. Orlando Bordalo, the chairman of Portugal Pancreatic Club at that time. During the more than three decades since the first IAP meeting, 4 Japanese researchers were nominated for the honor of hosting this prestigious meeting. They are Dr. Ryoichi Tsuchiya (1990 in Nagasaki), Dr. Tadashi Takeuchi (1998 in Tokyo), Dr. Seiki Matsuno (2004 in Sendai), and Dr. Masao Tanaka (2010 in Fukuoka). Very luckily, I am the fifth to receive this honor and Sendai will be the first city chosen two times as the meeting place for IAP meetings. Many may remember the 11th IAP meeting in Sendai in 2004. It was a successful meeting strongly inscribed on our minds as the "Sendai Consensus", the first guidelines for IPMN/MCN management.

 To stimulate scientific interest and achieve solutions for important issues in pancreatology, I am planning 5 international consensus sessions for the 2016 meeting : IC1 - Consensus for treatment of AIP (moderated by Prof. Kazuichi Okazaki and Prof. Suresh Chari), IC2 - International consensus on PNET management (moderated by Prof. Tetsuhide Ito and Prof. Robert T. Jensen), IC3 - International consensus on the management of IPMN (moderated by Prof. Masao Tanaka, Prof. Terumi Kamisawa, Prof. Carlos Fernandez-del Castillo), IC4 - International consensus on borderline resectable pancreatic cancer (moderated by Prof. Shuji Isaji and Prof. Christopher Wolfgang) and IC5 - What is early chronic pancreatitis and why is diagnosis important ? (moderated by Prof. Tooru Shimosegawa and Prof. David Whitcomb). We are also preparing 9 IAP-JPS combined sessions (6 symposia, 1 satellite symposium, 1 meet the professor session, 1 young investigator award session) and 7 JPS sessions, 1 AOPA symposium and poster sessions, all of which will be presented and discussed in English. I can promise everyone will be pleased with the up-coming program details.

 Sendai is a typical Japanese capital city of a local region. With a population of 1 million, it is not as busy as Tokyo and Osaka, but still has a dynamic culture while retaining much natural scenery. It is about a 90 min ride from Tokyo to Sendai by the "Tohoku Shinkansen", a bullet train that guarantees you a comfortable and smooth trip. Although Sendai and our region suffered from a terrible disaster, the Great East Japan earthquake and Tsunami 4 years ago, our city has recovered almost fully and has undergone more development than before the disaster. As a city facing the Pacific Ocean, you can enjoy various types of seafood during your stay in our city such as sushi, sashimi, oysters, hoya (a specialty in our region) and other delicacies. Grilled beef tongue is another famous specialty of our city, that you should experience at least once. In addition, our region is famous for more than 30 breweries of high quality Japanese sake. I hope all attendees will enjoy the meeting and have wonderful memories of Sendai and the "Tanabata Summer Festival".

Shuji Isaji

Shuji Isaji, MD, PhD
The 47th Annual Meeting of the JPS
Professor and Chairman
Hepatobiliary Pancreatic and Transplant Surgery
Mie University Graduate School of Medicine

 We are pleased to announce the 47th Annual Meeting of the Japan Pancreas Society (JPS) to be held from August 4th through 7th, 2016, in Sendai, Japan, which is the joint meeting with the 20th Meeting of the International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) and the 6th Meeting of Asian Oceanic Pancreatic Association (AOPA). We invite our colleagues in Pancreatology from Japan and from all around the world as well to join us for this joint meeting.

 On behalf of the Department of Hepatobiliary Pancreatic and Transplant Surgery, formerly named as the First Department of Surgery, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine, it is our great honor and pleasure to host this 47th Annual Meeting of the JPS. When we look back on the history of JPS in association with our department, the first annual meeting was held in 1970 as Japan Pancreatic Research Association (JPRA), and Professor Mizumoto, who is my honored teacher and used to be the Department of Surgery, Kyoto University, hosted the 6th Annual Meeting of JPRA. In 1986, the 17th meeting was held as the new society of JPS, and the 21st meeting, whose president was Professor Mizumoto, the First Department of Surgery, Mie University, was successfully held in Tsu, Mie Prefecture, 1990. In 1998, Professor Kawarada, our university, who is also my honored teacher, hosted the 29th meeting in Yokohama as the joint meeting of DDW-Japan. I served as executive secretary at the both meetings of the 21st and 29th. For our department, therefore, this 47th meeting is the third time as host.

 My first interest in Pancreatology began in 1981 when Professor Mizumoto provided me with research theme concerning the role of pancreatic phospholipase A2 in cell membrane damage in the pathophysiology of acute pancreatitis at the time of student, Mie University Graduate School of Medicine. Thereafter, my research interests have expanded into chronic pancreatitis, pancreatic regeneration after major pancreatectomy and pancreatic cancer as well. During the period of more than 30 years, we have annually presented our research outcomes at this meeting, which have been trained (disciplined) by criticism and pointing out their weakness, and after thorough reconsideration (refining) revised or new outcomes have been presented. Now this is what I call "Tan Ren" (discipline with refining) in Pancreatology. Musashi Miyamoto (1584–1645), an expert Japanese swordsman, teaches the meaning of "Tan Ren" in his book, The Book of Five Rings. "Practicing a thousand days is said to be discipline, and practicing ten thousand days is said to be refining. This should be carefully studied." Therefore, "Tan Ren" means a 3-year discipline followed by a 30-year refining. The main theme of this meeting is "Discipline with refining and creation in Pancreatology". The Program Committee of the joint meeting of JPS・IAP・AOPA has made the current program with careful refining in an attempt to make it a successful one as a place for discipline with refining and creation in Pancreatology. We are extremely grateful to your valuable cooperation.

 The symposia organized by JPS consist of 5 topics: "Advances in endoscopic treatment for pancreatic diseases", "Diagnostic strategy for early pancreatic cancer", "Lap (Robotic) pancreatectomy", "Advances for chemotherapy in pancreatic cancer", and "Recent innovation in pancreatic surgery". Two hands-on seminars will be held: "Hands-on seminar for endoscopic procedure", and "Hands-on seminar for laparoscopic pancreatic surgery". Furthermore, PanCAN award will be provided. The symposia organized by JPS&IAP consist of 7 topics: "Preoperative therapy for pancreatic cancer", "Basic research on pancreatitis", "Treatment of local complications of severe acute pancreatitis", "Basic research on pancreatic carcinogenesis", "Precursor lesions in the pancreas-current concepts", "Familial pancreatic cancer registry and its implication to clinical managements", and "Classification of pancreatic cancer-new JPS classification (Satellite Symposium)". Young investigator award will be also provided. IAP will have 5 international consensus conferences: "Consensus for treatment of autoimmune pancreatitis", "International consensus on PNET", "International consensus on the management of IPMN", "International consensus on borderline resectable pancreatic cancer", and "What is early chronic pancreatitis and why is diagnosis important? AOPA will have the symposium on "Pancreatology in Asia-Oceania". Additionally, we will have special lectures, educational lectures, and "Meet the Professor" Sessions. General presentations consist of forums and poster sessions with short oral presentation. Special sessions for medical staff (nurses, pharmacists and medical technicians) will be also provided because the need to improve teamwork and to give certain team medical care is recently recognized.

 During those days of this joint meeting, the Sendai Tanabata Festival is held from August 6th to 8th in downtown Sendai, where you can see and enjoy beautiful Tanabata bamboo decorations with colorful Japanese paper. We hope you will join the meeting as a place for discipline with refining and creation in Pancreatology during the daytime, while during nighttime you will enjoy Tanabata Festival. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of our colleagues in Pancreatology from Japan and from all around the world as well in Sendai.

Masanori Sugiyama

Masanori Sugiyama, MD, PhD
The 6th meeting of the AOPA
Professor and Chairman
Department of Surgery
Kyorin University School of Medicine

ー Invitation ー  The Asian-Oceanic Pancreatic Association (AOPA) has the honor to welcome you to Sendai, Japan, on August 6, 2016 for the 6th Meeting of the AOPA.

 The AOPA was organized in 2005 with the purpose of promoting communication , scholarship, and scientific collaboration, as well as the exchange of knowledge in both basic and clinical research and education in Asian and Oceanic countries. Thereafter, the AOPA has shown a steady development over the years.

 The 6th Meeting will be held in conjunction with 20th Meeting of International Association of Pancreatology (IAP) and the 47th Meeting of Japan Pancreas Society (JPS). There will be symposium "Pancreatology in the Asian-Oceanic region".

 I hope that you will join us in Sendai and contribute to a successful meeting with excellent science in pancreatology.